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The I’m – Formation Space, Daniel Fraga


The I’m – Formation Space, Daniel Fraga

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“THE I’M – FORMATION SPACE”, written by Daniel Fraga


Printed copies of this work have the financial support of: the CAAA – Centre for Art and Architecture Affairs, the Project Lab2PT – Landscapes, Heritage and Territory Laboratory – AUR/04509 and FCT through national funds and when applicable of the FEDER co-financing, in the aim of the new partnership agreement PT2020 and COMPETE2020 – POCI 01 0145 FEDER 007528.


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Daniel Fraga – Biography

Daniel Fraga is a Virtual Space Designer, an Architect, a Writer and a Researcher.


Positioned at the crossroads between the Virtual Reality and Spatial Design, Fraga’s research grants him privileged access to the best of both worlds.


He is perhaps best known for the idea of Post-Architecture: A Metamodern design philosophy that is not about designing space – but about designing people though space.


Born in Massachusetts in 1991, and with a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture of Minho University, Fraga has worked in Portugal and in the Netherlands. He has spoken and had his work exhibited in events such as SXSW, in Texas, and as VR Days Amsterdam.


Fraga’s premise is that when the Space becomes the Story, it is possible for designers cause powerful effects on people – on their behaviour, on their emotions, their perceptions and their thoughts. It is then that these so-called “Virtual” Experiences can become very real and transformative.


If reality is contingent on perception – then if we manipulate perception, we manipulate reality. The very urgent question we need to be asking ourselves during the coming years is – what will we design ourselves into?


+info: www.fraga.space

+info: medium.com/@danielfraga


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