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Another (In)Convenience: Tracing Same-Sex Desires – Fernando P Ferreira


Another (In)Convenience: Tracing Same-Sex Desires – Fernando P Ferreira

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Printed copies of this work have the financial support of: the CAAA – Centre for Art and Architecture Affairs, the Project Lab2PT – Landscapes, Heritage and Territory Laboratory – AUR/04509 and FCT through national funds and when applicable of the FEDER co-financing, in the aim of the new partnership agreement PT2020 and COMPETE2020 – POCI 01 0145 FEDER 007528.


ISSN 2183-8941 (On-line Edition) / ISSN 2183-8933 (Print Edition)


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Fernando P Ferreira – Biography


Fernando P Ferreira is a reseArch(itect) and an unstoppable dreamer, based in Porto (Portugal), whose practice rely on the interaction between art/urban research, social studies, and critical ar(t)chitectural & gendered practices.


Ferreira´s research is both practical and theoretical and is mainly interested in: making public invisible/forgotten structures present in the contemporary urban and rural landscape such as: social and informal dynamics; appropriations in the public space, or hidden flow of historical relations, cultural habits and human actions/emotions – in order to claim specific forgotten problematic and to influence/change the perception over specific places. Moreover, Ferreira is interested in exploring anticipatory design strategies towards the experimentation of ar(t)chitectural & gendered practices & tools that are focused in learn how to see, to interpret, to represent and to interact with the existing social relationships, dynamics and specificities present in-between contemporary places, people and time.


Currently, Ferreira is an invited assistant at Urban Laboratory in School of Architecture at University of Minho, where he develops an on-going research around alternative representation methodologies and critical strategies for urban/rural Portuguese territories. Additionally, Ferreira is developing the project “Transcribe – Participatory Actions in the Social Housing of Braga”, as a member of Space Transcribers, a network and a platform for territorial representation and speculation, focused in site-specific actions such as workshops, walks and exhibitions.


  +info: www.fernandopferreira.com




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