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Speaking (drawing and writing) with different voices – Benedikt Stoll


Speaking (drawing and writing) with different voices – Benedikt Stoll

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Benedikt Stoll – Biography

Benedikt Stoll is trained in architecture and interdisciplinary urban design. He is profoundly interested in design research as a broad field of involvement with societal processes and in urbanism as a design tool for social spaces. He is partner of Guerilla Architects and initiator of the cultural association die Anstoß e.V.


Guerilla Architects is an international collective of architects that focuses its work on the forgotten and unused resources of our cities.


Sharing a common squatting experience in London in 2012, the name „Guerilla Architects“ evolved  through the need to defend before court. The intense experiences in occupying the spaces in-between – in a political, legal or architectural way – as well as questioning the socio-economical structures of the cities, connects the group until today. The name also reflects the discussion of the architect’s profession and its societal boundaries and constraints. They focus on unconventional and subversive transformations of public spaces.


Guerilla Architects is a loose collective of thinkers, makers, theorists, planners, pedants and scatterbrains, who range in between the fields of urban planning, built and temporary architectures, art production, cultural history, theater and art. The work of every single member of the group enriches the evolving network and significantly defines its working and communication methods.


+info: guerillaarchitects.de


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